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This is the official website for Tanki Online Hack and Cheats. After we invested a lot of time on making this tanki onlnie hack, we are proud to share it with you. We do not allow selling the tool or make any revenue since we share it for free. Enjoy!

Last Updated: Saturday, May 28th, 2016

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Change your gameplay for Tanki Online by bringing it to new heights

Getting to know Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a third person shooter game based on Adobe Flash Technology. Millions of registered players use their browser to have fun in this game. Here, one can control a tank and participate in battles consisting of many other tanks in order to achieve different objectives.  It is available for playing in varying modes. First is Capture the Flag in which you have to get the said item before the enemy does. Second is Team Deathmatch in which after being assigned to a team, you have to fight all opposing tanks. Third is Deathmatch in which you only have to play for yourself. The last one is Control Points which is more like a territorial game since you have to take control different areas in the map.

Use of Crystals

Playing Tanki Online is free. However like in most games, we have to use in-game currency. In this case it is called crystals which are used for acquiring upgrades and bonuses. There are two ways to get these valuable crystals: buying with real money or just by playing the game. As you go on with the game, you will certainly need more of these crystals. Thus, many of players have been searching for Tanki Online Hack for a while. Now the long wait is over. The Tanki Online Crystal Generator is here.

Tanki Online Crystal Generator

It is the best tool which basically functions as a Tanki Online Hack. This is specifically made to enable players to acquire any amount of crystal that they want in an easy way. You only have to input your game username in this Tanki Online Hack tool. Then, just specify the number of crystals you want to send to the account you indicated earlier. After finishing, use the Generate Crystal button so you can finally add the amount of crystals you want.

Features of the Tanki Online Crystal Generator

It helps save money since Tanki Online players don’t have to use real money for buying the expensive crystals.
It is designed both for avid and casual players. It can allow any type of player to purchase the best tanks, upgrades and visuals for the Tanki Online game.
It available free of charge.
It has been tested well enough with a lot of up-to-date antivirus solutions making it 100% safe.